Privacy Policy

WebBee eSolutions Pvt. Ltd., presents this privacy policy to its intended users of MapMyChannel by WebBee app to inform them about our policies and procedures with respect to collection, use and disclosure of personal information. The user information is obtained through and across the procedures like registration and during the use of the app. The Software Privacy Policy for Apps is governed by WebBee’s general privacy policy that is used in general for receiving user’s information by WebBee eSolutions Pvt. Ltd., at all in its websites and apps including the websites,, and others.

WebBee is committed to protect the user data and their privacy. By downloading the app, you agree to our privacy policy and express your consent to our collection, storage, use, processing and disclosure of your personal information as specifically mentioned in this Privacy Policy Document.

The Privacy Policy Document is also part of the WebBee’s End User License Agreement for the software provided at privacy-policy. WebBee can change this Privacy Policy Document from time-to-time upon its discretion and with very revision “Updated as of” date will be also revised, accordingly.

WebBee notifies a user for any change happening with respect in the Privacy Policy Document on its website after seeking the consent of the user depending upon the nature of the change. A person is, therefore, advised to consult this Privacy Policy Document for any changes.

By downloading using and/or accessing the App, a user acknowledges, understand and agree that WebBee is providing Contacts add-on, that enables Users to extract data from NetSuite ® and import it into Contacts, thus allowing them to use NetSuite ® data outside of the application itself.

The information that we collect.

WebBee collects following types of information from user’s during the registration process or for usage of the App:

The Information That We Seeks From A User Is Categorized Into Personal And Non Personal.

The personal information consists of the data that helps us as an individual to be identified on the basis of data provided as Name, Telephone Number and Address. Non-personal information received by us consists of data that is not directly associated with a user and is generally collected through automated electronic interactions, application usage data, statistical and aggregated information.

A User Information that we Seek Consists Of Following Piece Of Information

First Name, Last Name, Title (if applicable), Telephone Number, E-mail address, Name of the Company a User is Associated With, Some other Important Information a Person is Associated With NetSuite® Account Number. We don’t ask for NetSuite® password or nor have any access to it. Any other personal information, that a user provides during the communication with WebBee

Automatic Information Collection

This information is collected on the basis of usage of our software or App by a user. We generally collect the number of requests sent by a user to us within a given day. Automatically collected non-personal information is thus used in aggregate tracking information with respect to user demographics. Any of the tracking information can be associated with a user’s personal information. It is also possible that WebBee may link tracking information with an individual user’s personal data, however, once the link is established all the information associated with the link is being also treated as personal information and is being used according to the Privacy Policy Document and according to the applied regulation and laws. It is at the discretion of a user, whether, it allows us or not to use their personal data.

User Data

WebBee doesn’t gather a user’s data collected, stored or shared through downloading or use of the Software by its users. However, the Software requires authentication in order to access Contacts, to establish an external connection to application programming interface (API) and NetSuite ® credentials including username, role ID and account number. The term User data refers to any data a user creates or owns is stored by him across applications.

How the information is used by webBee.

The user information collected by WebBee during the app or software registration is being extensively used and being implied in following activities:

To establish a communication with a user for the purpose of verifying a user’s identity,a version of the Application/App to be installed, to provide a user about any app related information. To guide about the usage of the App. For the purpose of Software and system administration purposes, improving software updates and security reasons. To inform a user through email communication about WebBee, its product and services as well as industry news as subscribed by a user. Otherwise required by law.

WebBee keeps a user’s personal information to be used across the organization only for an intended use according to the known purpose and according to the applicable use and policies. The personal information that is no longer required is securely destroyed, erased or made anonymous. However, non-personal information is disclosed or permanently archived for future usage.

WebBee’s method of storing and processing your information

Personal information received by WebBee from a user is being stored across different server locations across the globe. The user information received by us and stored at offshore locations is subject to the foreign law and is further accessed by foreign governments, courts, law enforcement and regulatory agencies.

WebBee uses commercially viable security safeguards to protect the user information and data in our possession against any loss or theft, unauthorized access, disclosure, copying, use or modification. The process of securing the user data varies upon the level of information sensitivity, the data collected, format of the information collected and the method of storage.

We store the information through physical means (Locked Filing Cabinets and Restricted Access to Office Premises) and electronic means (By the use of Passwords and Encryption). We also expect from a user not to share his NetSuite® access credentials including NetSuite® password.

User information non-disclosure

We do not disclose a user’s personal information with anyone except across WebBee Global without a user’s consent as referred to in WebBee’s general Privacy Policy or otherwise permitted or required by law. We provide a user’s information access to the third party to an extent they offer their services to us. Even the third party service provider can’t utilize a user’s personal information unless the intended use is not mentioned in WebBee’s Privacy Policy Document. In situations like sale of shares, assets, mergers and liquidation or in reorganization WebBee may transfer some or entire personal information to eligible holding partners subject to this Privacy Policy Document and WebBee’s general Privacy Policy.

At times, it is possible that we may have to disclose user personal information to government authorities, law enforcement officials or in situations to ascertain the information is vital in the investigation of unlawful activity, warrant or an order made by a court, person or body with jurisdiction to compel the production of information or to comply with court rulings.

Your choices about your information

In case, a user has any query regarding accessing, inuring and updating its personal information in WebBee’s possession they can contact us at Our business operations largely depend upon accuracy of data shared to us by a user. A user can change personal information from time-to-time. A user can choose not to receive email communications from us by clicking on the “unsubscribe link” offered in such communications. Though a user is not allowed to opt out of Software-related communications like changes/updates to features of the Software, technical updates and security notices.

Other websites, internet resources and software.

WebBee doesn’t take responsibility for data practices employed and used by websites, internet resources or software governed by third parties that are linked to our software including the information contained in them. When sharing the data with a third-party website via link through our application or software, the applied software is of the third-party websites, internet resource or software, our Privacy Policy Document don’t get applied there and privacy rules there are governed according to thirds party Websites, with whom Extracted Data is being shared. If you choose to disclose Extracted Data to a third party, you do so at your own risk.


WebBee pursues the policy of not gathering or soliciting personal information from anyone under the age of 13 neither they are allowed to register for the Software, such people. None of our software and applications are directed towards the children below under the age of 13. In case any personal information is being collected from a person below age of 13 without any parental consent, the information is being deleted as quickly as possible. In case of any incident of WebBee having any information of a person below the age of thirteen please contact us.