Streamline Order Routing with Automation | Map My Channel

Multi-Channel Selling

Keep all your product catalog, SKUs and shipping methods in sync at all times. Sell from different eCommerce selling channels and manage all from a single place with predefined automations.

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Rule-Based Order Routing

Route orders of any volume or frequency based on custom rules between eCommerce Selling Channels and Fulfillment/ERPs helping in minimizing fulfillment costs, achieving timely deliveries and meeting customer expectations.

Gain Real-Time Insights into Your Operations | Map My Channel
Streamline Order Routing with Automation | Map My Channel

Real-Time Sync and Insights

Setup real-time synchronization between eCommerce Channels and Fulfillment Partners/ERPs attaining a comprehensive perspective on orders, inventory, and fulfillment throughout operations, logistics, and finance helping you with data-driven decisions for your online business.


With Predefined configurations our application makes it easier for sellers to connect all their eCommerce channels with fulfillment partners and back-office channels making it easier than ever to scale their eCommerce operations by automating their orders, inventory and shipping related tasks.

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